Summary Report- Phase II: Environmental Scan

Research & Evaluation Phase II Summary Report: Environmental Scan

Four phases of activities took place over the course of the project, each contributing to the content and development of the project’s educational programs and resources.

The purpose of the research was to complete an environmental scan of the existing formal and informal inter-organizational partnerships and networks that Family Health Teams (FHTs) and Community Health Centres (CHCs) have with Community Mental Health and Addictions (MH&A) organizations in Ontario. Formal partnerships or networks are defined as having a signed written agreement among the partnering organizations. A network consists of a group of three or more organizations that work towards a common goal and provide services to a common client population. We specifically asked about partnerships and networks for the target population of adults with complex mental health and/or addiction needs, seeking services across FHTs, CHCs and MH&A organizations.

Phase II Summary Report