Summary Report – Phase III: Inter-Organizational Partnerships

Research & Evaluation Phase III Summary Report: Inter-Organizational Partnerships

Four phases of activities took place over the course of the project, each contributing to the content and development of the project’s educational programs and resources.

Building upon the results of Phase II, the purpose of the research was to learn more about the nature of formal and informal partnerships among Family Health Teams (FHTs), Community Health Centres (CHCs) and Community Mental Health and Addictions (MH&A) organizations. We specifically asked about partnerships that serve the target population of adults with complex mental health and/or addiction needs. The researchers looked at the impact of formal and informal partnerships on partnership quality and the level of inter-organizational interprofessional collaboration (inter-organizational IPC), and the experiences of healthcare leaders and providers who participate in these organizational partnerships. Formal partnerships are defined by having a signed written agreement shared among the partnering organizations; informal partnerships do not have a shared agreement.

Phase III Summary Report