About EnHANCE Ontario

The EnHANCE Ontario project was an 18-month project funded by the HealthForceOntario 2008-09 Interprofessional Care / Education Fund.

EnHANCE Ontario aims to lead a sustainable culture change by identifying inter-organizational factors that impact the ability of healthcare providers to work collaboratively across organizations and to deliver interprofessional care to clients seeking access to services across mental health and addiction and primary care settings.

For clients, enhancing interprofessional collaborative practices across primary care and Mental Health and Addictions (MH&A) systems means increased probability that their needs will be met by the right provider at the right time. For providers, it means working in an environment that supports both their personal and professional needs. For the system, it means creating new and sustainable solutions to old problems.

EnHANCE Ontario has bridged education, research and practice to engage leaders and providers in learning about inter-organizational relationships, helping to facilitate new ways of thinking and new ways of working together in Ontario. The project educates champions on interprofessional collaborative best practices, and trains coaches who may then become leaders and experts on inter-organizational issues within their organizations and communities. It has created sustainable tools and resources that are available to the community. The project aims to create and build lasting relationships across sectors in order to improve continuity of care and access to primary care and MH&A services in Ontario.